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Desktop Sudoku, the only game to feature 3 types of Sudoku Puzzle!
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Introducing Desktop Sudoku, the only game to feature 'Killer' Sudoku (also called 'Addoku') and Sudoku X as well as regular Sudoku!

Features 3 distict and exciting ways to play Sudoku
Unlimited puzzles! never get bored again
Print out puzzles easily, and solve them on paper
4 levels of difficulty, from novice to Sudoku veteran
Easy to play, no messy rubbing out if you make a mistake

120 Mhz, 16mb RAM, Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, 1mb Hard drive space, an Inernet connection.

Sudoku Quest - Our premium Sudoku game, with fullscreen graphics.
Newspaper Puzzle Challenge - The Ultimate puzzle game.

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