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Whilst this site has a great free daily Sudoku game, you might find yourself wanting more than 1 puzzle a day, or more features. We recommend you try the Sudoku games listed below:
The only game to feature 3 different types of Sudoku Puzzle!
Includes the amazing new Addoku (aka 'Killer' Sudoku)
Also includes Sudoku-X, and regular Sudoku
Comes with an unlimited supply of puzzles!

Play Sudoku on your PC, with Sudoku Quest
An unlimited supply of challenging Sudoku puzzles included
4 levels of difficulty, and 4 elemental visual themes
Beautiful full screen graphics and smooth animation

Free daily online sudoku game
"Sudoku Quest Online" is an online sudoku game which generates a new and completely unique puzzle daily. Come as often as you like and play sudoku here.
What is Sudoku?
Sudoku board Sudoku board
Solved board Solved board
  Sudoku puzzles are 9x9 grids of numbers, subdivided into 3x3 blocks. When you begin a puzzle, some of the numbers are already filled in, and you have to fill in the blank squares using logic. You must fill the grid so that all the numbers 1-9 appear in each row, column and 3x3 box. However, no row, column or 3x3 box may have two of the same number.

Sudoku puzzles first appeared in New York in the late 1970's under the title "Number Place". They were introduced to Japan in 1984 where they were renamed to Sudoku (pronounced sue-do-koo; su = number, doku = single), so Sudoku translates as "single number".

There are also many fascinating varients of Sudoku, of one which is "Killer" Sudoku, which combines elements of Kakuro. "Desktop Sudoku" is the only PC game which features Killer Sudoku puzzles, and Sudoku X
click here to try it out.

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Sudoku PC games:
Desktop Sudoku
Includes regular, killer and Sudoku-X puzzles!

Sudoku Quest
An amazing Sudoku experience!

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